Playing the typical tourist on Bonaire w/ bf Bryan and I forced him to take all the snapshots, of course ;)
Luckily he loves to take pictures, so I will take back the "forcing part".

HELLO VIEW, over the city Rincon. I wish I woke up like dis though... But the view from my  
(temporarily) Bonaire home isn't that bad eather. Sometimes you can even see the dolphins jumping
around in the ocean. Yes, I'm dead serious.

We rent a car and drove almost over the whole island (which maybe takes 40 minutes if you 
don't stop, haha). This was one of the most breath taking stops we've seen. After this, a fun stop;
Cadushy. Where you can drink the most tropical homemade drinks until you can't remember your
own name (there's some alcohol in it, so that's why). FYI: we left sober ;)



While I'm here in Amsterdam almost blown away by a force 10 gale, I'm even making myself jealous 
by seeing this paradise place again...Spring, where the f*ck are you? Come on... I'm writing about
 my 35 degrees bikini post in almost tornado weather!

Okay okay, I'm overreacting a little. Only about the tornado thing. 'Cause it actually was 35 degrees 
while I was shooting this wannabe Victoria's Secret shoot. 

And why are bloggers always talking about the weather? Can someone tell me that? 
Because I even can't.



I just love to make ya curious! ;) So here a little peek about how the upcoming post is going to look like.
What do you think so far?!



They call thé street of Bonaire; Kaya Grandi. Which actually means "BIG street". The thing is, 
it's actually very cute and little. As a matter of fact everything's cute and little on Bonaire. 
Except for their butts though! ;)

Strolling around in the city of Bonaire, ice cream licking, cocktail sipping, skinny dipping and 
cute boys winking. And I think I just made my own song, haha!