Yes it's a dress, not just a dress. Nothing more, nothing less. Okay, and some major killer heels and 
the most colorful place in Amsterdam ever. But if you look at my outfit, it's actually quite "simple". 
Well, simple in my way then… ;) 

I love to wear colors. It makes me happy. But because of this rainbow place I didn't need to 
wear any colors at all. Because, wow! How fascinating is this spot?! That made me happy enough. 
Imagine me wearing colors at this location. Woah!!! I think I would have been trippin', haha.

This is the most photographed place from Amsterdam. So if you're here, this is definitely a hotspot 
to check out :)



Is it old? is it new? It's thursday so you know what that means; time to throwback! 
What do you think of this look?



Baaaaaaaaaa Sowenya Mamabeatsebabah!!! Okay, my singing and lyrics are not so right... 
But did you know hakuna matata means "no worries for the rest of your days"? Says Pinterest
And hakuna ma'Vodka just means you're drunk I guess… Plus I think the Lion King is one
of the saddest movies ever.

It felt like I was in Africa for those couple of minutes I was chilling at this bar/restaurant. It's called 
Tjing Tjing and it's just three steps away from my home. Or maybe ten... Such a cute and warm 
place to come. Don't know nothing about the food (yet). But I should definitely give it a shot!



I love dating! With friends. Noooo, not the kind of dating you were thinking of ;) I actually hate that, haha.
But about this date: I went to the Albert Cuyp market (in Amsterdam) with my auntie - slash fellow 
blogger - Dani from Mission To Style. Have you ever been here? :)

We don't see each other weekly - although we want to - so when we meet, we're getting so hyper 
and can't stop talking. Just like last time. We have so much to talk about that we tell 6 stories in once. 
Hahaha, recognizable?!

Smoothies, food, flowers, (fake) furs. This day at the market was so much fun! "Wooow, look at this!!!" 
and "Oh my gosh, that's so you!" are things we said to each other a lot that day.

So let's go market shopping with Dani!