Last week poser Linsey was shining at New York Fashion Week. Can you imagine how jealous I
(Danielle) was of her?! New York is on top of my bucket list! "The city that never sleeps." they say,
and Linsey confirmed ;-)

I wish I was a SATC girl and lived in The Big Apple just like Carrie did. Walking in the most
beautiful outfits all day, drinking and eating at the most fabulous hotspots from NYC. And
most of all, living in the cutest apartment with a walk-in closet that takes up 80% of my home.
Every girl's dream! Hey, a girl can dream, right? ;)



That moment after no sleep, a 7 hours flight and a war with your - way too heavy - suitcase in the
subway, you walk up the stairs from hell (I just meant the subway, and I was overreacting a bit), you
look up and there's no end at looking up because of these huge buildings. Then I realized, oh my
F-ing god, I'm literally in New York City right now. And at that moment, I lost my NYC virginity

 From sharing the plane with Doutzen Kroes to seeing Adriana Lima shining on the runway and
having Karlie Kloss as your neighbour while having lunch. And this was just a little glimpse of
my New York City "virginity" story. Yep, you read that right, I was a NYC virgin, or better said:
(until last week) I've never ever visited this city in my whole life before (I know I know, shame 
on me!) 

"I've never been to New York before." said no fashion junkie ever. Well, I said it and everybody was
always very surprised when this came out of my mouth. As blogger and fashionista (although I hate 
these two words, I can't found a better name for it) in heart and soul, visiting The Big Apple is just a
must. En when does this fashionista visit this city? Exactly, during New York Fashion Week.

The time had come: NYC brace yourself because HERE I COME! Or do I have to brace myself...?



Amsterdam - New York City - Amsterdam - Paris. Yep, 'cause "honey I'm home!" But not for 
long though. Paris is waiting for me and guess why? Because of Fashion Week, again. But let's 
not go too fast and start at the beginning, which is #NYFW

I must tell you, as it was my very first time in this 12 million inhabitable city, WOW, I have no
words for it. Actually I do have a lot of words for it - more than a 1.000 to be exact - but I will tell 
you all about it very very soon. Let's talk about my New York (Fashion Week) looks first...

From culottes to patched mom jeans to disco ball suits and Mc Donald looks. Here are alllll my 
NYFW outfits in a row. And hell yeah I wanna know what you think!



Faking this Fall outfit to the max! Because this was actually a look I wore last year. But I just had 
to make flashback of it. Sometimes it's such a pitty I only wear my total looks once. That's just an 
important rule I added in my life years and years ago. 

I hear you thinking "Why are you so hard on yourself?" Well, I will answer that question...
It's not being hard on myself, it's challenging my own creativity. And as you may know,
I do like a challenge ;)

"More is more and less is bore" is a quote that fits my style perfectly! And that's where the challenge
comes back again. I think being innovative is so important. Especially when you're busy with your
New York Fashion Week fittings, exclamation mark times 100!!!

Three days to go and I will be walking like a Carrie Bradshaw wannabe around Manhattan
and around it. Hashtag can´t wait! The countdown has begun...