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Yayyy! It's that time of the month again! It's time for you to choose your favorite outfit of
my latest looks! So tell me, which one is your favorite?! And why?

I think I go for number 7, because I always love a good floral "suit" ;) Now it's your turn...



Let me introduce myself; my name is Danielle and I'm the newest member of the POSE-family
 I actually already was family of Linsey - believe it or not, I'm her aunt (yes, long story...) - but from 
 now on I'm also joining the POSE fam! ;)

Maybe you know me from MissionToStyle, which was my personal blog for 3,5 years
But because we had so many awesome ideas together, we decided to become this dream-team!
From now on I will take you into my world of interior styling.

Like we say in Dutch: "laten we meteen met de deur in huis vallen", literally... 
  For my very first post on POSE, I'm showing you my favorite place; my home. 
I'm living here with my Mister lover lover and it's near Amsterdam! :)

So what do you think of my home sweet home?!



Before I went to Bonaire I was working out like a beast, as a die hard. But what would you do if 
you're going to a bikini degrees island in Winter times?! Exactly. And what would you do if you're at 
your destination? Exactly. Completely nothing. At least, that's what I did.Woopsie...

So honestly, I didn't do any sports - except for walking towards my scooter - for two freakin' months. 
 I lost my butt on Bonaire (I guess) and that was the wake up booty call for me. Two weeks ago I started 
kickboxing again and now my muscles hurt on places I didnt even knew they excisted.

What do you do for sports? And how do you motivate yourself?



"I feel like a cake" is thé appropriate quote of Geordie Charlotte (Crosby) for this post, don't you think? 
 Although people say we look a like (yes, I hear that a lot. See for yourself), I must say with this look,
we look the exact opposite, haha! ;)

This is the best shoot I had in ages! Why? Do I really need to explain when I'm surrounded by cupcakes,
popcorn and candy? I didn't thought so either ;) An not to mention the macarons on my blouse(!)

Besides all the cakes and candies, I wanted to give you this ini-mini-tiny little tour in my kitchen.
 What do you think!? (I have new barstools, and I think they're awesome.)