I think it's time to say goodbye to Summer and sunshine… 
Hello sweater weather! 

Chilling in bed with my girl Hetty (haha) - which I got as a present from 
my roomie Joy - in my big ass sweater while hearing the rain.

Normally you start your weekend partying and end up in bed with a hangover
So I'm trying to opposite! Why? Why not!



Something that was on my bucket list for a long, long time; thé trench coat. 
And with thé trench coat, I mean the one from Burberry.

I found this piece exactly one year ago in a vintage shop. I love how oversized he is. 
Even my dad fits in it! Yes, I forced him to try it on, hihi. And he is 1.91m so the trench is BIG ;)

I took these pics last September and since it's practically Autumn here already, it's time to 
get this pearl out of my wardrobe again.

What do you think of trench coats?



I haven't wore this skirt in ages! Why? Because I was too shy... YES, I mean it. But "screw that 
and wear what you want!" is what I'm thinking right now. That's the spirit, right?!

The perfect match with this oh-so-ah-mazing skirt is - of course - thé denim blouse.
Very country-ish I must say ;) So I wanted to check the old ranch I visited when I was a little girl.

Shooting my outfit was without a doubt a yeehaw! at this location. Honestly, I'm not
that typical "horse-girl-lover", but I love animals though :) What's your favorite animal?



How tiny your balcony is - except when you're a lucky bastard and own a garden - you can 
be so creative to make this your most coziest place in your home.

This is the only place you can get some fresh air, have unforgettable Summer nights or just chill 
and look at the stars for a moment. When I describe a balcony like this, it sounds like one hell
of an important space of your home!

Well, I'm not that lucky bastard with a garden, but after researching to some balcony inspiration
I don't mind it at all. I also wanted to show you my own balcony. Check the last pictures!
What do you think?!