On my last day of Fashion week was all about shoes. And silver. And glitter. About the 
first thing I knew. So I put on one of my favorite Acne shoes together with this fluffy top and 
mega sexy trousers (look at my a la Kim K. but! Okay, not even close but hey...) 

The silver and glitter were a pleasant surprise! Thanks for that Mister de la Bretoniere ;)
Now let's say farewell to Amsterdam Fashion Week, this was the end again... 
See you next season MBFWA ;)

And if you love shoes, trust me, you're gonna love this post without a doubt!
Which one is your favorite? I'm loving the ones on the last picture...



Day two of Fashion Week and it's starting to look like jungle book. The press are animals and
photographers see people like me as their prey. The models are beautiful tigers and the designer is
the (Lion) King or queen.

And I? I look like a mix of a bear and a unicorn, haha. (It's so) fluffy(!) and colorful. With that
physical appearance I will survive and eat them all raw! And you're gonna hear me roarrrrr... ;)



Aaaaand it's dress up time. Because it's Amsterdam Fashion Week again. What girl doesn't love
to dress up, right?! So when you're a guest at the fashion shows, it's nice to do make an effort
with your outfit.

Hello killer outfit. Seriously, I think this dress can literally kill while you're hugging me. Okay, that's
not totally true... I hugged a lot of people and luckily they're still alive. But I think you could see me
as the little nightmare of Fashion Week that day ;)

Of course I stick to the rules when it's about fashion. So there I went in my not-so-huggable dress
to the Said Mahrouf show.



Today the madness is going to begin. Well, the madness already has started a few days ago but 
today it's official; Amsterdam Fashion Week. Let's do this! Got my outfits together, my hair and 
makeup artists standby, photographer? Check! I've never been as much prepared like this!

So before the madness, a not so casual outfit ;) Normally you would expect that from
 a blogger, right? "Being casual before Fashion Week and stuff". Nah, not my thing though...
Comfy is where I'm going for.

Hot tea, comfortable shoes, a cozy vintage sweater and a crazy bandana wrapped around my head.
Sounds relaxing enough for me. There's one thing missing on this list and you may guess what that is...
Right, FOOD.